If you are a bride whose wedding was cancelled because of the coronavirus outbreak, this is what you need to know; a tea-length wedding dress.

What Is A Tea-Length Wedding Dress?

Although retro and vintage in concept, tea-length wedding dresses have become the new modern with their above the ankle or below the knee length. As per your venue or time of the wedding, you can select from different types of fabrics. Tea-length wedding gowns also offer various neckline designs depending on your body shape.

Tea-Length Wedding Dress

Are Tea-Length Wedding Dresses In Style?

Out of the millions of available options, tea-length wedding gowns are going to be the next hit in the upcoming and inevitable wedding season once the COVID-19 atmosphere settles. The weather and sudden love affair with the outdoors are going to be what everyone would want after months of being locked up upside. So how do you choose the lengths and styles for your body type?

First, the dress needs to be according to your body shape. Take a look at the following quick guide for body types which is going to prove useful in your selection of a dream dress.

Next, let’s discover which styles are right for you. Here’s a list of styles and fabrics to choose from.

1- A-line Tea Length Wedding Dress

Tea-Length Wedding Dress

This style is particularly recommended for women with a voluptuous lower body as the dress fans out from below. Additionally, if you are in the mood of letting the world see your gorgeous legs and finely shaped arms too, then look no further as this is the dress for you.   

2- Tea Length Wedding Dress With Sleeves

tea length wedding dress

A tea-length wedding dress with half or full sleeves is the perfect way to let people know hard you have worked for your slim arms. This gives a softer and much more refined look.

3- Tea Length Wedding Dress Without Straps

Tea Length Wedding Dress Without Straps

This classic gown is perfect for garden weddings where the sunlight hits and bounces off your bare shoulders and back. The resulting natural glimmer would radiate from your décolletage making it look all the more beautiful.

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4- Classic Lace Tea Length Wedding Dress

Classic Lace Tea Length Wedding Dress

Dresses with a blend of lace bodice and lower tulle frock fit elegantly on tall and lean figures. Slender arms look beautiful inflow of the wedding dress.

5- Tulle Tea Length Wedding Dress

Tulle Tea Length Wedding Dress

The crisp and fluffy tulle draping add a sort of Cinderella charm to your figure. Such dresses are perfect for indoor venues where the bride can gracefully walk across tiled or marble floor looking nothing short of a princess.

Choosing The Perfect Color!

Now that the choices have been made, the last step is to select the perfect color. It ranges from ivory white, cream white, blush, or even pastel white depending on the setup of your wedding. Garden weddings usually call for a pearl white wedding dress while beaches or destination weddings radiate more towards ivory tones.

With your vintage to modern minimalistic tea-length wedding dress selected now, you are all set for your dream wedding.