Nvidia may stop production of RTX 2060 graphics cards. According to reports on a Chinese forum, board partners are no longer getting GPU chips for the card.

The mid-range RTX 2060 was released in January 2019 as the successor to the GTX 1060. In addition to the addition of ray tracing support, the card was 1.5 to 2 times faster than its predecessor.

The RTX 2060 launches at CES 2019.

The 2060 was originally equipped with 6 GB of memory and was sold for 369 euros. In December last year, due to major shortages, the card was re-released, this time with 12 GB of memory and prices between 500 and 700 euros.

You’re currently paying around 300 Euros (6GB) and 350 Euros (12GB) for the RTX 2060, but Coolblue still dares to ask for 750 Euros for an Asus Dual RTX 2060 6GB EVO.

Source: Tom’s Hardware

Source: Hardware Info