Remember once all of us wanted to learn how to play Minesweeper? There are plenty of chances that every Windows user has once tried to play this game. However, many of us never understood how to play this game. Unfortunately, Minesweeper doesn’t come pre-installed anymore but till you can get it for free from Windows 10 Store. If you want to learn how to play Minesweeper then this article is a comprehensive guide for you. Today, we will talk about all the essential tips and techniques you must know to play this game.

Before we get to know how you can ace this game, let’s see what some of the famous terms of this game are:

A Flag: You will usually see a red flag while playing this game. You have to identify the area where mines are hidden. Once you have located such a place, you can put a flag there to redeem it.

Smiley Face: A smiley on top can be used to restart the game. Alternately, the F2 function key can also be used.

Question Mark: If you are not sure but have a doubt that there might be some hidden mines you can put a question mark over there. However, doing so will not mean anything.

Now let’s start some minesweeping.

As the name suggests, you have to sweep the mines hidden behind the grey boxes. Here is how you can sweep these mines.

Identify The Patterns:

Certain patterns are repeated quite often in this game. Once you get hold of this game you will start recognizing these patterns. However, at the start, it will be a tad bit difficult to get the hand of these patterns. Many patterns have mines hidden under them. Those who can identify these patterns can suspect the mines hidden behind those patterns.

How To Play Minesweeper?

This is a classic example of some of the most common patterns.

Understand The Number:

You need to comprehend what the numbers mean. Each number speaks to the quantity of mines that are contacting a specific square, This implies if there are two nearby squares and one they have number “1” on it then the other square is having mine underneath it.

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Don’t Make Wrong Guesses:

In some cases, you will come around a circumstance where you need to make a supposition and foresee where the mines are covered up. It has been seen that a large portion of the conjecture circumstances come toward the finish of the game. Henceforth, if you have a circumstance where only 1 mine is left which is likely beside the square which has 3 on it. You should pick the square which neither normal to 1 nor 3.

Learn Wall Patterns:

This game is all about understanding patterns. You will come across a situation in which columns will itself be empty. In such cases, the highlighted and empty area will have to mine it. Think logically, each number represents the number of mines it is touching. If you think blue squares have mines beneath it how is the number 1 justified? Therefore, select the empty square and you will be able to discover a mine.

Hopefully, by following the above-mentioned techniques you will be able to get the knack of this game. Just don’t let the numbers confuse you and focus on identifying the hidden patterns of this game.