We know Minecraft is the sort of game that everybody cherishes playing. It isn’t only a customary game, it likewise improves inventiveness, collaboration, and critical thinking aptitudes. One of the principal ingredients required for many recipes is Smooth Stones. Numerous players face issues while making Smooth Stone. Right now, we will figure out how to make Smooth Stone by following our simple 4 step guide.

Let’s Learn How To Make Smooth Stone Today:

Step 1- Do You Have Some Cobblestones And Coal? If No, Collect Them:

Cobblestone is one of the most common stones. It is available in abundance and you can get it anytime. You must get Cobblestone as are going to make a furnace out of. As Cobblestone can be found easily without much equipment you will need a lot of it in many recipes. Furthermore, you can easily find col in Minecraft as well. You need to run a furnace for creating Smooth Stone hence collecting coal is very important. You have to find blocks with black specs to collect coal.

Step 2- Create Your Furnace:

Moving towards our next step, you will have to create a furnace. For creating a Furnace, you need 8 Cobblestones from your crafting menu. Make sure that all of the blocks in the furnace should be filled. However, don’t fill your middle block to build a furnace.

How To Make Smooth Stone In Minesweeper

Step 3- Burn The Cobblestone In Furnace:

Now when your Furnace is ready you should go back to the coal you collected. Here is a bonus tip for you.

Bonus Tip:  If you can’t find coal, you can always chop down some trees and use them as a fuel. However, coal is available in excessive quantity so it’s better to save trees for other recipes.

Fill the bottom part of Furnace with fuel (Coal) and in the top tier of your furnace put all the leftover Cobblestone. After putting both of the items in Furnace it will start burning. As the Furnace starts to burn you your Cobble Stone will turn into Stone.

How To Make Smooth Stone In Minesweeper?
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Step 4- Burn The Stones You Just Created In Furnace Again:

Now put the Stones you just crafted in Furnace. Then again add up some coal in the Furnace. Once both items are in Furnace it will lit up again. Now the Furnace will burn your Stones into beautiful Smooth Stones.

Here is it. Now you have your Smooth Stones from which you can also make Smooth Stone Slabs. If you want to learn more ways of finding Smooth Stone we have brought an additional tip for you.

Look Into The Villages:

There is a high chance of you finding Smooth Stone in some of the houses you can find in the villages which are on the map. Moreover, you can also look into mason chests of villages for more Smooth Stones.

Now when you have got plenty of Smooth Stones you can easily create Smooth Stone Slabs and many other recipes like Blast Furnace out of them.